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Engine Carbon Cleaning in Banbury

Engine Carbon Clean now available, click here to enquire about booking

Banbury Auto Ltd has recently invested in top of the range Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Systems. Strip away carbon build up that could be clogging up your engine and enjoy improved performance and boost the health of your vehicle.

The result of engine with out carbon cleaning - Engine Carbon Cleaning Banbury

What is Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning?

Over time carbon deposits can begin to build up inside the engine, this is particularly prominent in vehicles that rarely move above 50mph or regularly sit idle. As this carbon begins to build up it can begin to have a detrimental effect on the performance of the engine. Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning is an effective treatment that will flush the unwanted carbon out of the engine. Those who have a heavy build up of carbon will notice a marked improvement in the vehicles fuel efficiency.

How does it work?

The Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning unit runs on distilled water and electricity, this is pumped into the engine where electrolysis splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen. This process produces highly charged particles of hydrogen and oxygen, oxy-hydrogen, which is then passed through the running engine.

As the HHO (oxy-hydrogen) passes through the induction system, combustion chamber and out the exhaust system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon build up in your vehicle, lifting the carbon deposits and depositing them as a hydrocarbon gas from the exhaust.

Will I benefit from Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning?

The biggest determining factor when answering this question is how much carbon has built up in your engine. If you have a large amount of build up then you will notice improvements to performance, fuel efficiency as well as lowering emissions, allowing a greener drive.

If you have more questions, or would like to enquire about whether this would be beneficial for your vehicle call us on 01295 250944 or use our Contact form.

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